Academie-ebook&print-largeJust when you thought high school was over…

Allie Thompson’s life is uprooted when teen violence prompts the replacement of traditional American schools with a strict, compulsory boarding school program that keeps students locked behind prison walls until age 22.   Read More

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Editorial Reviews

“A sweet love story.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“The love scene between Allie and Bryan was well crafted and a real highlight, bringing back memories of the sweetness of first love.” —Writer’s Digest

“This author has a ingenious imagination and writes with a deft hand.” –Writer’s Digest

Reader Reviews

“I found The Academie to be a bit like Delirium and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver as well as Variant by Robison Wells, I would definitely recommend this book!”

–Rachel, GoodReads reviewer

“Imagine your life…you go to school, finish high school and start college. Only to be told by the government that you now have to go back to school…high school….OMG…this book was so good. It was a page-turner and held my attention the whole way. When I was at work, I was dying to get back to reading because it had such a strong hold on me…”

–Melissa, GoodReads reviewer

Honors & Awards

  • 2013 Amazon Bestseller, Young Adult Science Fiction & Romance
  • 2012 Amazon Bestseller, Young Adult Science Fiction & Romance
  • 2012 Quarterfinalist, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award