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Academie Bonus Material: The Letter

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“It says I have a package,” I said to the girl at the mail room window. The campus mailboxes were tiny, so anytime someone received a package they simply put a note in the box indicating such and you had to go to the main window to have them retrieve it. It was the first time I’d received a package, and since my birthday was only days away, I was elated at the idea that my parents had actually sent me a care package. Perhaps they had changed since I’d been away? The girl stepped away from the window to pull the package from wherever they stored them, and for a brief moment, I wished it was from Bryan. I knew it was impossible, but it didn’t stop me from wishing. “Here you are,” the girl said, returning a moment later to hand me a small, brown padded envelope. It was smaller than I hoped. No matter. It was the thought that counts. My mother’s handwriting listed my address, and as I began walking back to my dorm, I tore into it, eager to see what kind of treat she could have fit into such a small package. I passed a trash can and tossed the top of the envelope in on my way back. As I reached into the envelope and pulled out the contents, my heart sank. Inside was a pink envelope with my name written in my mother’s font and an envelope addressed from The Academie. Happy Birthday to
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