The first draft of The Academie was 50,000 words longer than the final version, and began before Allie entered The Academie. In fact, it began about year earlier (hence the extra 50,000 words), while Allie was off at college and her brother, Matthew entered The Academie. Some of the early material was slow and really needed to be cut; other parts needed to go when I decided to cut everything before Allie began at The Academie, but they were things I hated to see go (particularly some of the scenes of her at college). I’ll be posting the material in pieces, so I will try to give you an introduction before each excerpt so that those who have read the book will have an idea where we are in the story.

Spoiler Alert!

  • If you haven’t yet read the book yet, you really should read it first. (I think it will be a lot more fun that way, particularly since I’m giving out pieces rather than a full story.)
  • I’ll post as much as I can without giving away too much of the story, though I can’t promise that there won’t be spoilers, so read at your own risk.

How to Get Started

To begin reading the deleted scenes, please use the menu on the right. (If you are reading on a phone or tablet, the menu should appear above this box.) The link for each following scene will appear at the bottom of the page following the scene, or you can hit “back” to navigate to the scenes of your choice. It’s been really tempting to give each scene a clever title, but I’ve opted instead for ones that give you an idea of where it is in the story to help avoid confusion.

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I hope you enjoy this free bonus material. Please feel free to leave comments or questions after any of the scenes. I’m happy to discuss them further.

Happy reading!

–Amy Joy