Allie’s Academie Journal, Day 2: half awake

The bed keeps shaking as Tina moves around. I don’t know what to think of her. She helped me out last night, but she doesn’t seem to like me. Since we’re going to be living together for who knows how long (do we ever change dorms or living station partners?), I’m thinking that we need to work on getting along. I’m not sure that she agrees.

Thankfully, I didn’t fall out of my bunk last night. (Why are there no rails?) Of course, I also didn’t sleep. Not sure how I’m awake now–I wasn’t most of the day–but it’s like I’m overtired now and as much as I want to sleep, I feel like I need to get stuff out of my head.

Everything is weird here. Not sure what to make of any of it. But I met this girl, Ruby, yesterday, and we seem to get along pretty good, and I met this other girl, Stevie, last night, and she smiles a lot, which does seem to make me feel better. It’s hard not to smile when someone’s grinning at you.

Okay, I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open now and the words are getting too difficult to write. I probably won’t even be able to read my writing again someday, if I ever want to look back on this–which I doubt. Goodnight.