Allie’s Academie Journal, Day 5: Friday

It’s Friday. Usually I’d be ecstatic at the simple fact that it is a Friday. Not today. Not when I know that Friday is no different from any other day at The Academie. Okay, it’s slightly different. There won’t be classes this weekend. Instead, Robert says there will be “activities”.

Robert’s interesting. He’s…kind of a flirt, but more like a kiss-up. He’s overly nice to everyone. But he looks at you in this way that makes you blush none-the-less. He makes me roll my eyes, but I like him.

We’re forming our own little band of friends. I secretly think of it as my Academie support group. Ruby; Stevie; Stevie’s bunkmate, Shara; and now Robert.

Shara’s interesting too. I’ve never known anyone like her. She talks different, acts different, totally does her own thing. It’s…weird. And admirable. She’s teaching Stevie and I to meditate. I’m pretty sure that I’m doing it all wrong, but I like it anyway.