When Allie Thompson graduated, she thought she’d put high school behind her. But when a series of violent outbreaks by teens sends panic surging through the nation, high school is right where Allie finds herself again. Re-molded into what the government calls The Academie, what was once the public school system is now the permanent home of everyone 22 and under.

After a year away at college and a lifetime as a model student, Allie doesn’t take well to The Academie’s militaristic nature or its 16 foot perimeter fences. Remembering all she’s left behind, including the boyfriend she’s now years away from seeing again, Allie plummets into depression. But when strange things begin to happen and her brother disappears, Allie realizes she must unravel the mystery that is The Academie—before it’s too late.

Genre: Dystopian Romance & Science Fiction

Audience: Young Adult/New Adult

Length: 288 pages

A sweet love story. –Publisher’s Weekly

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Print ISBN-10: 146369282X
ISBN-13: 978-1463692827

eBook ISBN: 9781465758927