The story behind writing The Academie

High school was a difficult time for me. I truly believed (and still do) that I was mature enough to be given much more freedom and responsibility than adults were willing to offer me. Even when I went off to college, I was discouraged to find that I often needed a parent’s signature to get things done. (“Seriously? I thought I was adult at 18?”) Moreover, as a petite woman who continued to look like a teen long after I wasn’t, I was constantly reminded of how badly young people can be treated long after most people my age had forgotten. As for high school, I still have trouble walking back in those doors for any reason. It’s scary during the day, and even more frightening after dark. To this day my high school still has large, spear-headed metal gates they pull across the halls at night. No joke. I was always terrified of being locked behind one and trapped inside there forever. And that’s how the story of The Academie came to be: because sometimes I still have nightmares that I haven’t left, that I’m trapped inside high school–forever.

What about you? Are/were you one of those people who had an amazing high school experience and would love to go back, or do you believe life really does get better after high school? Does/did your high school had the speared gates?